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Our forte is big database analysis and integrations related to business, furthermore we can create case scenarios that are pulling info from our custom models as well as your internal datasources to compare and contrast. We also can create your own datamodel ad hoc using API's with service oriented architectures.

Payment Portal

One of the most desired custom programming requests we fulfill is to enable your business's existing website to handle cryptocurrency payments from the web all the way to your accounting books. We take pride in expedition and automation of workflow as a big value of crypto is how fast it processes transactions.


With over a decade of coporate softare development experience working at Fortune 500 companies our development team specializes in turnkey services as well as enterprise client based applications. We are a C#/ dev shop on a service oriented architecture.


We can handle any type of API or interface from external programs and datasources as well as create new interfaces using the required proctocols to integrate to and from any data type in any format be it WSDL, RESTful services, or anyother protocol we can make it happen.


There is a web service we provide for adhoc reporting using our "Ninja" cooked data model available. We also create, extend, and enhance your legacy reporting and business analysis practices using Crystal Reports, SSRI Reporting, or anyother enterprise tool if necessary.

Crypto 101

From a single person wanting to learn how to confidently invest or a company that wants a bitcoin or blockchain crashcourse seminar we can make this happen with a business analyst onsite or remote to educate your personnel concerning the crypto industry and your business.

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